We always have a range of opportunities available for students, such as practical work experience placements, dissertation placements, or positions as 'working students' in all sorts of different company departments, for instance in Research & Development, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Human Resources & Legal, Operations & Logistics, Financial Management & Accounting, or Purchasing. Many a career with us started in this way. 
Please state the dates you are available for a work experience placement or wish to write your dissertation in your application, as well as the areas you are interested in working in. Take this opportunity of giving your dream career a first nudge in the right direction by spending some time at the Uzin Utz AG.


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Tanja Ziebarth, Online Marketing Intern

Tanja Ziebarth spent her six-month internship semester in the Online Marketing department at Uzin Utz AG. She is studying “Online Media“ in her third semester at the Hochschule Furtwangen University in the Black Forest area.

How did you find out about Uzin Utz AG?

Last year in February, I was looking for an internship in Ulm because I’m originally from here. I became aware of the internship place at Uzin Utz AG through my friend Lena Hausner.


What were your main tasks? What kind of projects did you work on?

After getting to know the comprehensive Content Management System at Uzin Utz AG, one of my three main tasks during my internship was the design and the realisation of the website for the new subsidiary “Servo360° GmbH”. Afterwards, the existing website of the Lavanior brand had to be restructured. My last major task was providing active support for the website relaunch of the UZIN brand.

Did you have to deal with other tasks?

Alongside, Antje Hahn, Organisation of Customer Training Sessions and Trade Fairs gave me the possibility to take a look into the organisation of trade fairs. Here I was allowed to take on the ticket management for the trade fairs BAU and Domotex. I also spent a day at the BAU trade fair in Munich, which was very interesting. It was great to experience, live and in person, what a trade fair is like – especially if you helped organising it.

What were your expectations/wishes?

I didn’t have very big expectations in regard to the six-month internship here. I wanted to wait and see what happens, so I accepted every challenge. My only wish was to make progress at Uzin Utz AG, personally and professionally.

How difficult was the change from student life to work life for you?

The changes from student to work life were enormous. It makes a big difference whether you sit in a lecture for four hours or work for eight hours. However, I found the work life here at Uzin Utz AG to be very pleasant six months. I was warmly welcomed into the team and given their trust right from the beginning, which I appreciate very much.

What did you personally gain from the experience?

I gathered a great many positive experiences during my internship semester here at Uzin Utz AG. But above all, I could put the theoretical knowledge learned at university into practice. This showed me, personally, that I am on the right track doing what I enjoy and what shows in the direction I’d like to work in later on.

What impression did Uzin Utz AG leave with you?

Uzin Utz AG, for me, is a company that meets their employees with appreciation and trust. I myself have experienced this and could thus have a try at my own projects. Overall, Uzin Utz AG is an attractive employer and has rightfully earned the title “Best Employer 2016”.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

I can only thank everyone for this beautiful, exciting time full of experiences. I have really enjoyed being here and this only works if you are welcomed into to the team as warmly as I was at Uzin Utz AG (in Central Marketing).


The interview was conducted in 2017.

Sarah Haggenmüller, stay abroad in the USA

Sarah Haggenmüller has been working at Uzin Utz AG since 01/10/2014 and is enrolled in a dual study programme in Business Administration with a specialisation in Industry at the Duale Hochschule (Cooperative State University) in Heidenheim. From March to June 2016, she spent the theory phase of her fourth semester at the University of California in Santa Barbara, California. After that, she had the possibility to work at our subsidiary in Dover, Delaware, until the end of July 2016.


How did your trip to America come about?

I have always enjoyed learning languages and being in contact with foreign cultures very much. This is why I had the desire to spend a semester of my studies abroad. When choosing the destination, I mainly focussed on English-speaking countries to improve my English skills. The DHBW [Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University] in Heidenheim cooperates with partners in England and the USA. Since I had already acquired experiences abroad in England, Poland and Italy, I wanted to expand them with a stay outside of Europe. Due to my work in international marketing, I had already been in contact with American colleagues and customers in the previous years. I have always considered the cooperation to be very interesting and pleasant. This is why I had no doubt that the USA was the perfect destination for my semester abroad. Furthermore, I got the possibility to experience everyday work at the Uzin Utz AG subsidiary in Dover, Delaware, after having learned the theory. This way, I could connect theoretical knowledge to practical experience. Very much in the spirit of my dual study programme.

What were your expectations and objectives when you went to America?

As already mentioned, I primarily wanted to improve my English skills and, above all, lose my inhibitions in conversations. What’s more, using the time in the USA to explore as many states as possible and to make new contacts was important to me.

What did you perceive to be the greatest differences compared to everyday life in Germany?

The USA generally has a very positive attitude towards life. Friendliness plays a major role. This is reflected in any everyday and life situation. Furthermore, I was very surprised by the fact that a healthy diet is almost unaffordable because, unlike in Germany, food products are very expensive.

What can you tell us about the university and what were your tasks?

The University of California in Santa Barbara comprises roughly 25,000 students in numerous different study programmes. In contrast, only 2,500 students are enrolled at the DHBW in Heidenheim. You can imagine this was a completely new learning environment for me because some lectures were attended by up to 1,000 students. Besides, the American teaching style is very different from the German teaching style. With manageable attendance times at university, there was a lot of preparation and follow-up work to be done. Course grades did not only consist of an exam grade, but rather consisted of active participation and the grades of presentations , term papers and homework. This meant a substantial effort but also certain advantages. Because term papers couldn’t only be written in California but also in Hawaii or Miami.

What did you do in your free time?

In my free time, I spent nearly every free minute exploring new cities and states. I visited a total of eleven states during my stay abroad. And I also spent a lot of time at the beach, to learn how to surf. A dream I really had wanted to fulfil.

What were your biggest challenges?

Finding the right lecture hall was a new challenge every day because of the large campus. When I finally got a hang of it, the semester was already over again. Trying to convince my flatmate that German order is a great thing – unfortunately unsuccessful – was also a big challenge.

What did you personally gain from the experience?

These roughly four months in the USA gave me the chance to not only get to know university life but also work life. For me, this is not only a professional but also a personal step forward. I was lucky to meet many great people and to work with them. And I hope that these contacts will be maintained for a long time.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

Working at a company that appreciates me as their employee and supports my desires and dreams has been a privilege to me. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you with all my heart for giving me the possibility to study and work in the USA. An experience I will certainly never forget.


The interview was conducted in 2016.

Sabrina Svechla, Personnel Officer

How long have you been working at Uzin Utz AG? What is your role?

I’ve joined in November 2011 as a working student in personnel management and I’ve been hired in 2014 as a personnel officer. My responsibilities include applicant management, assisting in applicant selection and interviews as well as my own projects (employer branding, careers fairs). of course, administrative tasks also form part of the personnel work.

What do you particularly enjoy in your role?

As a working student, I particularly like the opportunity,  of being able to manage  projects autonomously. Working in small teams means a lot of fun and is very effective. Furthermore, in the personnel department I am in contact with many different people, both applicants and colleagues from other departments. These personnel interfaces are due to the support we offer our colleagues as an “internal service provider.”

What is your career background?

After my Dual Bachelor's Degree I decided to start studying for a Master's at university to further my development. However, not wanting  to lose contact with professional daily life made me decide to to work as a working student.
At a Career Night at university I finally met the personnel manager of Uzin Utz AG.  I immediately asked for a working student position in the personnel department as this had always been my professional objective. At once, the enthusiasm of the employees for Uzin Utz AG  aroused my interest in the company. So the very next day I sent off my application which I have never regretted.

Did your university study prepare you for the world of work?

In fact my Dual Study did prepare me for the daily work routine as I was always switching from studies and work which made me flexible and resilient from the outset. I then continued this system during my Master's Degree within the framework of my working student role at Uzin Utz. Another aspect is that the Master's Degree involved many practical projects which gave me further insights into many different areas of the company.
Of course the theory I’ve learnt during my studies helped me understand the basics of personnel management. However, the maxim “learning by doing” or “training on the job” certainly applies, as this is where you learn the most.

What is expected of new entrants at Uzin Utz AG?

Applicants and also new colleagues should use their own initiative and above all present their own ideas. An open-mindedness towards new tasks and colleagues plus a willingness to think outside the box is expected. 

What do you particularly value at Uzin Utz AG as an employer?

Uzin Utz AG offers a whole range of opportunities for career starters and also for career changers like me. The company also gives us a lot of support and places its trust in us. In my experience working students only rarely have the opportunity to be in charge of their own projects. At Uzin Utz AG I can organise my work autonomously.

Another point that stands out at Uzin Utz is the family atmosphere and the fantastic working environment. As a “newbie” I was immediately integrated into the team and warmly welcomed, and not even viewed as only a “student” but as part of the “family”. For example my boss always takes into consideration the fact that as a student I have a dual workload. It is important to him that I do not neglect my studies and that I find an appropriate work/study/life balance.
The interview was conducted in 2014. Mrs. Svechla is now a personnel officer and head of commercial training.

Fabian Dominik Eber, IT and Marketing working student

What is your role? What brand do you work for?

I have been working as a working student in IT management since July 2013. And since March 2014 I am also in the midst of my internship semester in marketing services. My main tasks are online marketing and this involves me sorting out issues and supporting my colleagues in whatever may arise in this field. As I work for the central marketing department I generally work for all brands. My main points of contact to date have been RZ, PALLMANN, UZIN and Uzin Utz AG.

And what do you particularly enjoy in your role?

The variety! – In marketing the tasks to be done are always totally different. Every single day is different. I mainly work for our online marketing service but I am also responsible for smaller graphics projects. I take advantage of every opportunity to get involved in projects. I also work one day a week in the IT management department which gives me even more variety in my daily work.

Why Marketing and IT? What is your career background?

After leaving secondary school with my leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss) I trained to be a media designer in a design office in Ulm. As I was always very interested in conceptual tasks and advertising I decided to study marketing. But I still needed the advanced technical college certificate (Fachhochschulreife) which I then achieved after attending a vocational college in Schwäbisch Gmünd for one year. Then I started my Bachelor's Degree at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences in “Information Management and Corporate Communications”.

To what extent did your university study prepare you for the world of work?

We had an internship semester induction week which covered business etiquette, time and conflict management to company ethics and which prepared us – at least theoretically – for what awaited us in practice. Since by then I had already been working at the company for approximately six months, I more or less knew what to expect. Furthermore, I could also draw on my experiences from my training period. It is interesting to see that what I’ve learnt during my studies is, generally implemented in practice at this company.

What is expected of new working students and interns at Uzin Utz AG?

Reliability, commitment and a willingness to develop. And that is equally demanded and encouraged from the company.

What makes working at Uzin Utz AG so special?
I have the impression that everyone who works at Uzin Utz is proud of this fact and identifies with the company. Uzin Utz AG actively encourages the development of its employees through its training measures and also offers opportunities for recreation activities through the “Horizons” programme. Here the piece of advice “Want to grow your business? – Grow your people!” is implemented absolutely!
The interview was conducted in April 2014. Mr Eber is now the UZIN Online Marketing Manager.

Michaela Sieger / in-work study placement in the USA

Mrs Sieger, what was the reason for your placement in America?  How did it come about?

In January 2014 I started studying for an in-work MBA at the University of Augsburg. The visit to the partner university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an integral part of the “Business Management” course element. The joint mentoring discussions with Mr. Müllerschön and the associated career planning were decisive in my decision to study for an MBA. I chose the University of Augsburg mainly because of its wide-ranging business management syllabus together with its practical-orientation and the internationally recognised accreditation. The opportunity to complete part of my studies at the Katz Business School in Pittsburgh was also an important motive for me. 

What were your expectations/wishes?

First and foremost was the fact that I could choose for myself, and study in-depth, the course content from the extensive programme offered by the University of Pittsburgh based on my own interests. To develop my understanding for “the American way of business” and improve my language skills were also marked on my wish list. Both of which I was able to tick off when this period came to its end.

How long were you abroad?

I was in the US for a total of four months (January to April 2015 inclusive).

How good are your language skills?

Consistent English lessons at school and during my first degree as well as some occasional use at work or on holiday had provided me with a good basis. My period in the USA has undoubtedly improved my language skills. Above all studying at the University and daily life in Pittsburgh together with the associated need to have to speak English enabled me to speak with fewer inhibitions and worry less that every word is correct. You also learn to describe things and this led to an increase in my vocabulary.

Where did you live?

I lived with a fellow-student in a self-contained flat/apartment of some private citizens/young family.

What did you do in your free time?

Weekend trips to Toronto, New York City and Washington D.C. were the absolute highlights of my free time activities. Toronto for example was very impressive. It's a fantastic city and I was particularly fascinated by the Niagara Falls. Washington D.C. was also great. I will always remember the visit to the Cherry Blossom Festival with its parades and presentations, along with the  visit of our production site in Dover.

A Florida tour during the semester holidays and visits to various sports events (baseball, ice hockey, Uni-basketball, NBA game) formed just a part of my leisure planning. There was just an incredible number of opportunities and I tried to make the most of every minute!

What did you not expect at all?

That a winter can be so extremely cold! In January and February we often had minus 25 degrees Celsius and with an extremely icy wind – our hands still froze despite gloves.

Although I am someone for whom family and friends are extremely important, I was never homesick the entire time I was there. The main reason was certainly the extreme kindness, courtesy and openness that I encountered there.

The American teaching style is very different from the German one. During managed attendance times at university, there was a lot of preparation and follow-up to be done. A huge amount of effort is placed on teamwork and oral contributions. Examinations consist of many different parts (papers, presentations, written exams, oral contributions, etc.).

That a university library is open until 2.00 in the morning – just as late by the way as the bars and clubs in the state of Pennsylvania.

What were your biggest challenges?

Definitely the Pittsburgh bus system. Although there were four different bus routes from my apartment to the University, none were reliable as it was just as likely for the bus to arrive 20 minutes late or 5 minutes early. Then at some point we didn't even bother consulting the timetable anymore and just waited at the bus stop. And once the temperatures started to rise from mid-March onwards, the waiting also became more bearable ;-)

What did you personally gain from the experience?

Over the four months I had the opportunity to see and learn a lot of new things. I came up against different attitudes and made some new friends. I was often asked “Where is better, Germany or the USA?” The only way I can answer this question is that nowhere is better, just a bit different. And this applies equally to daily life at University and to people's everyday lives. And I found aspects both here and there where we could all learn from each other. The four months in Pittsburgh were a very valuable experience for me, both for my professional and personal development. I am very grateful that this was made possible for me!

How are your prospects at Uzin Utz AG developing?

I am currently working on my Master's thesis on the subject of International Market Entry Strategies. When I have completed my studies, following the leadership change in the board of Uzin Utz AG, I shall assume my role as assistant to the future board. Then I shall undertake a range of projects within the board function. In my new role I see a great opportunity to make use of my previous professional experiences and above all to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during my MBA study. I am very much looking forward to the new challenge !
The interview was conducted in 2015. Mrs. Sieger is now the assistant to the board and also deals with international project management.

Patricia Mang, dual study programme in business administration (industry)

What brought you to Uzin Utz AG?

On 1 October 2011 I began my Bachelor of Arts dual study programme with a specialisation in business administration and industry. I had already got to know Uzin Utz AG at the Education Fair in 2010 in Ulm. I already knew then that a dual study programme was the right one for me and got extensive information at the Fair about this. So, for example, I had a long conversation with a student who was doing a dual study programme at the time and she made Uzin Utz AG sound very attractive to me as a training company. From then on, it was clear to me: “I’d like to do my studies here!”

What does it mean to be a student at Uzin Utz?

Students and trainees both enjoy appreciation and respect at Uzin Utz AG in equal measure. We all go through the same departments to get to know the value chain and processes in the company. What’s more, we get the opportunity to organise trade fairs and collaborate actively at the trainee company JuzinIOR – the company within the company.

What expectations does Uzin Utz have of its students?

What is above all expected of us is commitment and a healthy amount of ambition with regard to the various projects which we regularly carry out. This includes the Education Fair, summer holiday programme and many other events. The ability to work in a team is also an essential requirement, so that we are able to manage JuzinIOR successfully together.

Which area do you work in and what do you particularly enjoy about it?

I have since been taken on in the strategic purchasing department. It became apparent early on that I would be deployed there at some later stage. I have just finished my bachelor thesis on risk management in the strategic purchasing department. I particularly enjoy the wide variety of tasks here – from computer work, such as drafting enquiries and assessing offers, through to important supplier negotiations. My area of responsibility covers packaging, commodities and services.

What is your career background?

After my school leaving certificate (Abitur) I immediately started on my dual study programme at DHBW [Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University] Heidenheim and at Uzin Utz AG.

Did you know what you would do in the future?

Because I got comprehensive information beforehand, at the start of my studies I was already aware what the future held for me. Exchanges with other trainees and students at the company were also very helpful.

I was also able to make really good use of the knowledge that was imparted to me at university in some departments, such as in accounts, marketing or materials management. Amongst other things, the Cooperative State University offers some language courses, the training aptitude certificate and SAP courses. It was above all the SAP course that was very helpful for me, because it gave me a good insight into the SAP applications of the various departments.

What makes working at Uzin Utz AG so special?

Uzin Utz AG offers its students and trainees lots and lots of possibilities and opportunities. This means we have to work very independently and be creative. There is no image of the “eternal” student here. Instead, there is a great emphasis on individual development.

This means we are made very welcome in every department we pass through and get actively involved in the work there. And there is an important principle for us as students and trainees: “There are no wrong questions!”. It is only by asking about the task on hand and showing an interest in it that you acquire the proper knowledge that is important for work in individual departments. So, colleagues in the different departments are very helpful and always ready to listen. This type of work involving lots of variety has not been common practice in training companies for long yet.

We also have the opportunity to work for four weeks in a foreign subsidiary during our training. This underlines the internationality of Uzin Utz AG – from young to old.


The interview was conducted in 2013. Ms Mang has since become a strategic purchaser in the central purchasing department.