We offer more than just a training programme.

We want our trainees to succeed. Therefore as part of the training context we offer a few extra things that are primarily designed to promote your personal development.

The Unique Aspects of Training with Us

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JuzinIOR is the company within the company. Our trainees develop business ideas for the benefit of Uzin Utz AG, e.g. by means of various campaigns and offers. This generates profits for JuzinIOR, half of which are donated to charitable causes. The trainees then invest the other half in their team spirit, namely a joint leisure event. JuzinIOR also independently organises the trade show presence at the Education Fair of the Ulm Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Social Internship

Uzin Utz AG encourages the social commitment of its trainees. Therefore we support the Ulm Volunteer Day in which trainees from various Ulm-based companies offer their help to people in need. For example, building an “Experience-Barefoot-Trail” for a retirement home stimulates a sense of community and reinforces the team spirit of the trainees.

Period abroad

International development is important to us. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to spend two weeks of your training or four weeks of your degree course in one of our subsidiaries abroad.