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We give young professionals the opportunity of developing their career further with us. Have a look at our corporate values, and you will find out everything you need to know about our corporate culture. Interested? Then we are looking forward to receiving your application!


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Vanessa Pircher, Financial Controller

How long have you been working at Uzin Utz AG and what is your role? What is your career background?

I have been working at Uzin Utz AG since 1 October 2012; first of all, I completed a dual study programme in business administration with a specialisation in industry at the DHBW [Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University] Heidenheim and I have been working as a financial controller since October 2015. Before joining Uzin Utz AG, I attended the commercial high school in Ulm and achieved the general matriculation standard there in June 2012.

Did your studies prepare you for the world of work?

The dual study programme was a great preparation for the world of work, because we dealt with lots of case studies and business simulation games which always related to real companies. The lecturers also came from the practical world, which naturally offers the ideal basis for practically oriented studies.

What do you particularly enjoy in your role?

I particularly enjoy the great variety in my area of responsibility, the contact with foreign companies and colleagues and the new challenges which offer me both personal and professional development.

What does a typical working day consist of for you and what are your tasks?

I don’t really have a typical working day, because the tasks are very varied and occasionally you have to react to people’s requirements in a spontaneous way. There are of course tasks which recur quite regularly in financial controlling, such as monthly and quarterly reporting, along with quarterly and annual financial statements. Apart from that, I look after foreign companies, three in Switzerland, two in Poland and the company in Belgium. Certainly, teamwork also plays a major role in financial controlling, because everyone makes their own contribution to the outcome.

How big is your team and how do you find the atmosphere, do you feel at home?

Overall, we are a very young team. There are a total of 6 people with an average age of 31. The working atmosphere is very good and I really feel at home there.

Which of Uzin Utz AG’s 6 values is the most important for you?

Prospects, because I am still at the start of my professional career and I would like to develop further, both personally and professionally. This means it is enormously important for me to be able to evolve in line with my plans and to be able to count on the company’s support at all times. The common setting of long-term goals gives me these prospects at Uzin Utz AG.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am very proud to be an employee of Uzin Utz AG and I look forward to continuing to grow with the company in future as well.


The interview was conducted in 2016.

Christoph Maier, UZIN’s Head of Business Unit Assistant

How long have you been working at Uzin Utz AG? What is your role?

I started at Uzin Utz AG in October 2011 and have been working as an Assistant to Uzin’s Corporate Management since then.

What is your career background?

After my training as an industrial business management assistant, I completed a dual study programme with a specialisation in business administration and industry at Uzin Utz AG. In the framework of the studies, I got the opportunity to travel to Shanghai for 7 weeks. After that, I spent 1 year as a trainee in sales and I have now been working for around 7 months as Assistant to Uzin’s Heads of Business Unit.

What do you particularly enjoy in your role?

What I particularly like about my job is the variety of tasks I have to cope with. I work on a wide range of projects, such as international sales campaigns for example. The thing I enjoy most about this is being able to work at an international level too. There is also the great team, which makes everyday work even more enjoyable.

What does a typical working day consist of for you and what are your tasks?

There isn’t really a typical working day for me. Because the working day is mainly shaped by projects that are ongoing at the time. This ranges from organising and coordinating various conferences and events, via supporting both national and international sales campaigns through to planning and preparing budgeting. There are of course tasks which come up regularly, such as checking and assigning invoices or writing reports on conferences and doing the follow-up work for them. The main focus of my work basically involves easing the workload of UZIN’s Corporate Management and supporting them in what they do.

How do you cope with being the Assistant to 3 Heads of UZIN Business Unit at once? Is it stressful?

There is of course something special about providing assistance for 3 bosses at once. At the same time, my work is also very varied and exciting, because each boss has their own area and also their own character. Because the different areas are divided nationally and internationally, I get interesting insights into the individual sub-areas. There are of course stressful phases sometimes, but the extra effort is always appreciated.

Which of Uzin Utz AG’s 6 values is the most important for you?

Appreciation is the most important for me. Being able to work in a company where there is a great emphasis on appreciation encourages me to carry on working with total commitment.


The interview was conducted in 2016.

Armin & Christian Betzler, Production Employees

What are your tasks and how long have you been doing them?

Armin Betzler: “We started our three-year training programme as chemical technicians at Uzin Utz AG in September 2010 and we have been working in production for 2 years now since completing our training. There, we deal with manufacturing and filling adhesives.”



What do you particularly enjoy in your role?

Christian Betzler: “What we like best is the wide range of tasks that make everyday work so varied and the flexibility you need to cope with this. We also enjoy setting ourselves new challenges every day and being able to operate lots of machines.”

How big is your team? Do you feel at home?

Armin Betzler: “There are around 16 people working on one shift. You swap between the early and late shift on a weekly basis. However, you should always be prepared to do the night shift. We both feel completely at home here in the team.”

What makes Uzin Utz AG so attractive as an employer?

Christian Betzler: “Uzin Utz AG offers great opportunities for further training. Some previous production employees have switched to the team leader area. That shows us that this is a thriving, modern company.
As an employee, you are also acknowledged and appreciated here, which is very important for us.”


The interview was conducted in 2016.

Patricia Mang: Strategic Purchaser

Mrs Mang, how long have you been working at Uzin Utz AG? What is your role?

On 1 October 2011 I began my Bachelor of Arts Dual Study at Uzin Utz AG with a specialisation in business and industry management. Since 1 October 2014 I have been a permanent team member as a strategic purchaser in the central purchasing department.

What is your career background?

After my school leaving certificate (Abitur) I started immediately with my Dual Study at DHBW Heidenheim and at Uzin Utz AG. Already one year before my graduation and within the framework of my training, I was supporting the purchasing department where I wrote my project thesis and bachelor thesis. When I had finished my studies I was able to immediately implement the contents in practice. That was a great feeling and I was proud to be able to implement immediately what I had learned!

What does a typical day at work consist of for you?

No two working days are the same and this is what makes my profession so exciting and varied. My area of responsibility not only covers packaging procurement but also the handling of procurement control and risk management. To handle packaging suppliers requires a whole range of activities. I do research, run tendering processes, handle price comparisons and conduct supplier discussions. Making enquiries, collating enquires, evaluating bids and last but not least sampling for internal test purposes are other areas I am involved in. I also support my colleagues in their purchasing of lab and marketing materials.

In the risk management process, any materials and/or suppliers which could be subject to risks, are identified, assessed and managed. The same procedure also applies to general procurement risks.

What do you particularly enjoy in your role?

I particularly enjoy working independently and the trust that was bestowed in me since the very beginning. In addition, the contact with other colleagues and suppliers is very exciting. The inter-divisional contacts as well as the contact with our suppliers, means that no two days are alike. I'm happy that I go to work every day full of fun and joy.

In your profession you mainly have to deal with men. How do you handle this?

It is absolutely no problem for me to mainly work with men. To me it makes no difference whether I have to negotiate with women or men. The business is about the matter in hand and not about  personal preferences.

How is your work/life balance?

Our set working hours means of course that leisure time can be neglected.
For me, physical exercise is my counterbalance to my office job. This not only clears the head but also makes you feel better.

What do you particularly value at Uzin Utz AG as an employer?

That I can go to my superiors for any matter and I always receive the best possible support to the extent it is necessary.
I am also delighted that a high level of trust was bestowed in me from the very beginning and that I can make autonomous decisions which definitely is not a given in every company.

What prospects does the company offer you?

The beauty of the Uzin Utz AG is that we receive real prospects for our further professional and personal development. Every person demonstrating commitment is always supported. I also like the career opportunities available for women. By working hard and with a fixed objective in sight you can really get off to a flying start here.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

I am very proud to work at Uzin Utz AG and to contribute to the company's success.

The interview was conducted in December 2015.

Steffen Kallus, Executive Assistant

What do you do, what are your responsibilities, and how long have you been with the company?

I have worked for the Uzin Utz AG as an Executive Assistant for the past one-and-a-half years. I support the executives, i.e. I prepare lectures, assist in the drafting of written communications, and help out at executive level with all project-related work. Last year's company centenary was a big challenge for us executive assistants. We looked after almost everything, particularly the issues that affected all departments, which was a huge effort in terms of coordination.

The biggest challenge was organising the anniversary event on the Münsterplatz square in Ulm for 750 people, without any relevant experience whatsoever. We had an extremely tight timeframe, and very strict parameters for the installation work, and of course we wanted everything to run smoothly to make it a brilliant event for everyone.

What is your background?

I studied industrial engineering and management at an advanced technical college, a Fachhochschule. I initially worked for a smaller family-run firm after qualifying, but I wanted to change to the industrial environment because it seemed to offer better career prospects. Medium-sized companies have far more scope for flexibility. Decision-making paths are shorter, and you have better framework conditions for personal development. Although the structures here at the Uzin Utz AG are clearly defined, you are given more freedom in terms of project completion. It is also much easier to get hold of the executives here than it is in major corporations!

What does the Uzin Utz AG expect from its young professionals?

You should be prepared to be flexible and to take the initiative, and you should also be creative, to a certain degree. But the most important thing is to be authentic, and to base your work on your individual strengths. The corporate culture at Uzin Utz is very authentic, generally speaking.

What are your prospects within the company?

As an executive assistant, I gain insights into many different areas and talk to a great number of my colleagues. I have many points of contact, which opens up many opportunities. Generally speaking, a medium-sized company offers far better prospects for further personal and professional development than a bigger company. The structures simply allow considerably more scope. Particularly if you prove yourself to be highly motivated and can stand your ground, you will find completely different doors open to you. You get recognition much sooner if you do your job well, and the direct line managers encourage you in line with that.

What do you particularly appreciate about the Uzin Utz AG as an employer?

I value the Uzin Utz AG's open door policy. Everyone is prepared to discuss everything, but also willing to give you advice and practical support. There is simply a general openness towards anything new. The shutters don't come down, new projects are given a chance. I also value the high level of confidence the management board has in their employees' capabilities of dealing with their daily working routines with minimum supervision. This confidence in your particular, individual way of doing things gives you a completely different level of motivation and, in my opinion, it also decisively influences the results of employee performance.

Did studying at college prepare you well for 'the real thing'?

It was absolutely essential to acquire the basic theoretical knowledge I need for the various aspects of my job. Studying at a Fachhochschule, rather than a university, is already far more practice-oriented. You do need the theoretical knowledge you acquired during your training, but learning 'on the job' is still the most important thing, you can't learn this kind of stuff in theory. Generally speaking, you do need to be prepared to take on challenges in this job. But that does not mean that you do get any support. You get the input that you need to be able to advance a project.


The interview was conducted in 2012.

Linda Russ, Developer

How long have you worked with us and what is your role?

I have been working as a developer in the research and development department for liquid products at Uzin Utz AG for almost two years now . In addition to the development of new, innovative products and the further development of existing products, competitive comparisons are also part of my daily work routine. Therefore I work closely with application technology and product management and look after the developed products after they’ve been launched to market in the event of problems arising in production or at customer sites.

And what do you particularly enjoy in your role?

My daily work is very varied. On the one hand I can be involved manually with application tests and on the other hand I also work a lot on the PC. Above all I can plan my working day myself. It's really brilliant!

What is your career background?

After my school leaving certificate (Abitur) I worked for a year in a factory. Then I studied Applied Chemistry at Reutlingen University.

What aspects of your studies did you take away with you?

Thanks to my university degree and the associated intern semesters it is possible, already during training, to gain good insights into different companies and their structures. Every company has its own wishes and expectations of its employees. Furthermore, chemistry is a very wide field. Therefore, whichever sector one works in after finishing a degree, one may perhaps only need about a tenth of the knowledge acquired during the degree since most companies only deal with one specific aspect of chemistry.

What is expected of new entrants at Uzin Utz AG?

Own-initiative, self-reliance and motivation and you must be prepared to take on new things, given that construction chemicals is a very specialised, yet very interesting field.

For you what makes working at Uzin Utz AG so special?

Uzin Utz AG is a very employee-friendly company. For example, we have a very extensive training and development programme which includes both professional and private subject areas. However, it is the many fantastic colleagues and superiors who make up the brilliant working environment.

The interview was conducted in 2014. Mrs Russ is now a Product Manager.

Florian Sevenig, Developer

When did you join us?

I started working at Uzin Utz AG on 1 September 2011 – just in time for the centenary celebrations! Therefore my very first working day turned out to be short because in the evening there was a fantastic party and live concert in the Münsterplatz.


Which area do you work in? What do the individual processes look like?

I work as a developer for liquid products. My area of responsibility is varied but I mainly develop adhesives. This includes conducting my own experiments, discussions with suppliers about appropriate raw materials, but also in collaboration with other departments such as application technology, production and product management.

If this procedure should result in a specific formula, then this is extensively tested again. The next step is to accompany the first production and further tests are conducted with an industrial-scale production of adhesive until the finished product stage is reached. This process may well take a year to complete: This is because until the product is finished, many different approaches are investigated - each of which will move us forward only minimally in the development.

Such product stewardship also involves handling customer complaints, the exchange of individual raw materials for cheaper alternatives or an investigation into production fluctuations. In addition, there is always new feedback on problems, which then has to be investigated or reproduced in the lab with the appropriate experiment setups.

And what brand are you responsible for?

I work for the UZIN brand. Therefore most of my development work is targeted at the German market. However, I do also look after international projects. In such projects I often find myself faced with completely different requirements . This can sometimes be stressful but this is also its specific attraction.

What do you particularly enjoy in your role?

I particularly like the fact there is something different to do every day, such as the development of individual formulas, discussions with suppliers and customers or consultations with other departments. You learn something every day and therefore continue your development.

What is your career background?

I completed my school leaving certificate (Abitur) in Wiblingen. After my basic military service in Munich I studied chemistry and business studies at the University of Ulm. Then I completed a semester abroad at EPFL in Lausanne – an experience that I can only recommend to everyone. Following this I wrote my thesis at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg.

What aspects of your studies did you take away with you?

During a university degree the work involves independent, structured work with different substances. The basic background knowledge about the processes that take place during the reacting and setting of an adhesive or a primer, also formed part of my studies – as did the identification of connections and the implementation of major experiments and their analytical evaluation.

One thereby develops a high frustration tolerance – a requisite ability in the development of adhesives, since only a small part of the approaches investigated lead to success.

What does Uzin Utz AG expect from career starters?

My own initiative and creativity are an advantage in my area of work. Within specific framework conditions one should also be able to drive forward one's work independently.

What do you value at Uzin Utz AG as an employer?

I enjoy working at Uzin Utz very much since one is given the feeling that each individual is important and has a secure job. In addition, there is a pleasant working environment.

Employees are offered many opportunities – both professional and private under the “Horizons Programme”. And the company also supports leisure activities such as football or participation in the Einstein Marathon or the Ulm Night Walk – it's just brilliant!

The interview was conducted in 2014.