Frequent Asked Questions – Overview:

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What is the right way to apply for a position with the Uzin Utz AG?

Please use our electronic application form, which you will find in our career portal, for your application. It takes just a few clicks to answer our questions and upload your documents. It's easy, and it's quick! It is also the best way of supplying the information we need to know; this way, you won't inadvertently omit any important data. If you make a mistake, our electronic application form will call your attention to it by highlighting the respective field with a red frame, and ask you to correct your entry. For a number of fields, our form also gives you helpful hints on what information you should enter. Just click on the green exclamation mark, and you will be shown an example of the answer format we are looking for. And, of course, should you encounter difficulties at any time during the process, you are most welcome to call us or send us an email. go to contact page

As a general rule, remember that we would like to get to know you. The more individual and authentic your answers, the higher the chances of being invited to Ulm for a personal interview. You are welcome to complete our self-assessment form if you would like to find out a little bit more about our corporate culture first to see whether we are right for you and you are right for us. Please ensure that your electronically transmitted application form is complete and includes all the required documentation (i.e. practical work experience performance reviews, school leaving certificate, university or college degree, average final grades). We accept all common file formats such as PDF, jpg, doc etc., but please make sure the file size does not exceed 10MB.

How should I use the online electronic application form? Why can't I just apply via email?

The online electronic application form helps you to answer all relevant questions accurately and one after the other. It automatically calls your attention to any missing answers or incorrect entries. This ensures that we receive a fully completed application form and all relevant details and documentation, which makes it easier for us to process your data. It speeds the whole procedure up. You will get feedback from us much faster. Of course, you are still welcome to apply via email if you prefer. Just send your covering letter and all relevant documents to karriere@, preferably collated in one PDF file.

I am encountering technical problems, what should I do?

When completing our electronic application form, you should make sure that you deactivate any so-called pop-up blockers. Sometimes it may also be necessary to deactivate your anti-virus programme. JavaScript should also be activated on your computer. Please also check whether all fonts and input fields are set to normal size in your operating system and browser. The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer as of Version 8, Firefox as of 3.0, and Safari. We cannot guarantee that the respective pages will be shown accurately and function correctly if you are using another browser. The ideal display resolution setting for our pages is 1024 x 768 px. Should you encounter any other technical problems, you are welcome to call us or send us an email at any time. go to contact page.

What happens to my personal data once I have entered it?

The Uzin Utz AG and its associated companies as defined under §§ 15 et seq. of the German companies law use, store and process your data within the context of the application process only. Your data is not passed on to unauthorised persons, third parties or external service providers. Unless you explicitly ask us to delete your data immediately after completion of the application process, the information you have supplied will be deleted automatically once the statutory 6-month maximum data storage period has expired.

What do you expect from your future employees?

We are looking for people who fully agree with our corporate values and embrace our corporate culture with the right amount of enthusiasm. It is particularly important to us that you do not mind taking the initiative, that you are committed, and that you are creative. However, do not forget to enjoy life, despite all this willingness to engage with your future employer and your positive energy. You do not think that work and leisure time have to be mutually exclusive. You enjoy what you do for a living and know how important it is to find the right balance between both aspects of your life to ensure that you are also happy and successful in the long term. We offer plenty of scope for decision-making and challenging responsibilities in a dynamic and international environment. We are therefore looking for target-oriented employees who apply their positive energy to unlocking new potentials, who are prepared to take on a high degree of responsibility for themselves, and who think and act in the best interest of the business at all times. Our teams are motivated and achievement-oriented, and you can expect a comfortable working atmosphere.

How long does it take from the moment I send off my application to being offered a position, and what happens during this process?

The application process varies depending on occupational profile, however, it will always take as long as it takes to find the right person for the right job. That is usually around two months. Our personnel department will carefully review your application on receipt. If your profile meets our expectations and there is a matching vacancy at one of our companies, we will contact you within 14 days of the stated closing date for applications and invite your participation in a recruitment interview over the phone. The second step is meeting your potential future direct line manager in person within the following month so they can get to know you. If we are impressed with what we have seen and heard of you so far, we will invite you to another meeting within the following fortnight. Once you have successfully completed all requisite interviews, we will send you an offer of employment within a further fortnight. If you have sent us a speculative application and we do not think that your profile matches what we are looking for in our applicants, we will usually let you know within one month of receipt of your application. You can also call us between 9 am and 5 pm, or send us an email at karriere@ All email enquiries will be dealt with within three working days of receipt.

Can I apply to the Uzin Utz AG again if I've been turned down?

Of course you are welcome to apply again for another vacancy if you were turned down on one occasion. Maybe your profile is better suited to another vacancy, or maybe you have enjoyed some further personal development since your last application? We review and assess your profile and documents each time you apply to us, and start the application process from scratch.

Are all jobs shown as vacant actually still vacant?

Yes, any position shown as vacant has not been filled yet. We remove the advertised positions as soon as we have made an offer of employment to the applicant whom we consider to be the right candidate for the job. Until then, you are welcome to send us your application!

What kind of jobs does the Uzin Utz AG have to offer?

There are many different ways of joining the Uzin Utz AG. We have a wide choice of career opportunities, particularly in the areas of sales and distribution, research and development, logistics, administration and management support, and applications engineering. Whether you are a chemical process operator, a metalworker, an electrician, a logistics expert, an interior fittings or flooring technician, a mechanical engineer, a design draftsman or - woman, a construction engineer, a buyer, or are qualified in industrial business administration, office-based administration, marketing, human resources, legal, IT, financial and management accounting or corporate communications  – we are very much interested in receiving your application.

Do you offer further education opportunities?

We offer many exciting educational and avocational courses within the scope of our 'Horizons' programme - our internal further education and qualification academy. Starting with various language and IT courses, the programme also covers subjects such as time management, project management, coaching skills for managerial staff, sports and much more. Find out more about our 'Horizons' programme here. In addition, you also get the chance to develop your personal career further within the various departments and divisions of the company. We promote cross-departmental and interdisciplinary careers and encourage any employee who is prepared to think 'outside the box'.

Can I still send a speculative application to the Uzin Utz AG, even if there is no current vacancy matching my profile?

Of course you are welcome to send us a speculative application at any time. Our human resource department reviews every single application received, and if we are impressed by your previous experiences and your skills, and a suitable position becomes vacant, we will gladly invite you to a first interview.

Does the Uzin Utz AG also offer trainee- and apprenticeships? And if so, for which occupations, and how long does a course take?

Yes, the Uzin Utz AG accompanies a great number of young, motivated trainees taking their first steps towards their chosen career as chemical process operator, laboratory technician, industrial business management assistant, precision engineer or warehouse management expert, or candidates studying for a Bachelor of Arts (completion of a 'Duales Hochschulstudium', a dual education system degree course). Our company, Germany's market leader in flooring installation, sealing and maintenance systems, not only provides excellent vocational training but also a range of more unusual extras such as community work experience, gaining international experience very early on in the traineeship by way of spending some time at one of our companies in another country, and becoming involved in an independent company (JuzinIOR) run exclusively by trainees and apprentices in order to become familiar with all the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of running a business in an enjoyable, fun way. Find out more about the training we offer here. The closing date for applications for a trainee- or apprenticeship is in August of the year before the course is due to begin. All vacant trainee- or apprenticeship positions are listed in our current vacancies.