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Alexander Mitteltann, Chemical Process Operator

I was always keen on the natural science subjects at school, so after leaving school, I wanted to complete a vocational training course in the chemical industry. I became aware of the Uzin Utz AG via the internet, as they offer chemical process operator vocational traineeships. I completed the course in only three years, from 2002 to 2005. I am more than happy with my choice of vocation and employer.

What I particularly liked about the company as a vocational training provider is that the trainers back at the company also helped me out with the college side of things, they actually reviewed everything I had learnt at college in the lessons you have at the company. Very few companies do that, and I am sure it really helped me when I was learning.

But there were also many other positive aspects besides: we were given the opportunity of working a whole week in one of the foreign subsidiaries; all the trainees and apprentices went on a joint outing once every six months, and we got involved in community projects, for example building a 'barefoot walking experience track' for old people living in a nursing home. That was a great team building exercise and really gave us a sense of belonging. Another thing is 'JuzinIOR', an in-house company that is run by trainees and apprentices only, you are faced with a range of challenges with various levels of difficulty. It gave you the chance to be creative, and to realise projects outside the manufacturing environment.

You also have really good chances of getting promoted here – I was made foreman only a year after I'd finished my training. I reckon there is a good chance of further promotion. The good thing here is: if someone has potential, then that is addressed and they are given all the support they need. I think that's great."

Andreas Renz, Operations Manager

After finishing secondary school with an Abitur certificate, which would have allowed me to study at university, I did my civilian service and decided to apply for a traineeship with the Uzin Utz AG to qualify as an international business management assistant. I joined the company immediately after qualifying, I was offered a position in the 'SAP Applications' department, where I worked for over three years. Then the company made me an absolutely brilliant offer: the position of Operations Manager at our subsidiary UFLOOR Systems in the United States, which I accepted in October 2006. My responsibilities include all aspects of business management, such as the definition of business processes, stock management, marketing and supporting sales & distribution. The icing on the professional cake is that I also got the chance to get to know a completely different culture, and to perfect my English.

Even during my very first interview with the company, I was made aware of the excellent in-house opportunities available to trainees. Whether a stint abroad or a mini-company run entirely by trainees and apprentices – right from the start, I was really impressed with the amount of appreciation and trust they put in their career starters. As my training progressed, this first impression was confirmed – the team spirit here is really exceptional, and the working atmosphere is incredibly friendly.

At the Uzin Utz AG, trainees get the chance of gaining an insight into every single company department, and they are also given serious responsibilities during their time there. You also spend some time in the actual factory – which is a particularly important experience for the business management assistant trainees. One thing is for certain, as far as I am concerned: the Uzin Utz AG does not treat people as greenhorns forever and a day, but offers them realistic prospects of promotion. A fact not least confirmed by the high number of former trainees now occupying managerial positions within the company.